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At the beginning of the last century, Dr. Wilhelm Fliess noticed identical rhythms in the case histories of his patients. He observed active and passive phases in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of humans. From these observations he derived the principle of the biorhythm: The physical curve with its cycle of 23 days, the emotional curve with 28 days and the mental curve with 33 days. Interpretation When the curve of any cycle is above the midline, we experience a "high" in the corresponding field (physical, emotional or mental). If it is the physical curve, you will feel bodily well and, for example, if you were to have an operation the body would be more resilient. If it is the emotional curve, you will be in a good mood and your contact with other people will be positive. If it is the mental curve, your thought processes will be sharper, concentration will be easier and you may have a lot of ideas and insights. When the curve of any cycle is below the midline, we experience a "low" in the corresponding field. If it is a physical low, you may feel weak and listless; if it is an emotional low, you may feel miserable and out of sorts; if it is a mental low, thinking can be foggy and concentration hard. When any of the curves crosses the midline, this is a critical time in the corresponding field and if two curves cross the midline at the same point, this is a very critical time. Critical in the physical field means you may feel exhausted and it is better to avoid physical effort and operations. Critical in the emotional field means you may feel irritable and sad, and emotional outbreaks are likely so it is better to avoid conflicts and arguments. Critical in the mental field finally means sluggish thinking and it is better to postpone activities that demand a lot of concentration.

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Our biorhythms are affected by astrological phenomena on subtle planes. Dr. H. Spencer Lewis pointed out in a magazine article that "all of us breathe differently through the nostrils according to our psychic, physical, and mental conditions, and according to the influences of the planets upon our psychic bodies..."
Rama Prasad, who exhausted the subject of the yogic science of breath in Pingala Nadi, Ida Nadi, and Sushmna Nadi - Click for breathing exercises to understand and control the chakra system. says that the left nostril is connected, astrologically, with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces, whereas the right nostril is connected with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Saggitarius, and Aquarius. All the astrological planets affect the way we breathe through our nostrils - infact, the astral body was so named, originally, because it was thought to be influenced by the planets, but the principle planet here is closest, the moon.
The "moon breath" is affected by our moon and is stronger during the two weeks of its waxing rather than its waning...

Your biorhythm should be treated as a dynamic set of waves to ride on your positive assets. The negatives are only bad days if they are on the down swing past the median. Negatives on the upswing can be also be construed as good days as long as the "signs" are there. Look for synchronicities which indicate that your assets are becoming positive. For instance, if your intuition is negative, but on the upswing, your correct assumptions and actions concerning people or things can be construed as a positive or "growth towards" positive days. Be a life-positive person by focussing on everyone`s positive assets - including your own. Physical on the down swing represents good times for relaxation, meditation, and taoist sexuality.

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777 BioRhythm