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Let's discuss Christ Consciousness and the glorious aspects that go along with it. The term "Christ Consciousness" does not necessarily refer to only one religion or belief being Christianity. Christ has been all over the world, therefore, influenced the world's religions in many forms. The term is used as a comparison of the evolutionary development that is displayed by Godly People throughout history.

We're talking about the good samaritans, the charitable for the truly needy, and the conquering heros who make life richer and more rewarding for the rest of us.

Simply stated, Christ Consciousness is the good within you. I am referring to the altruistic side of every human that urges you to help others, to do a good deed, and the feeling of total content when you know you did the right thing.

The feeling of pure goodness is a taste of heaven. We all want to touch heaven, so we can have that blissful feeling of "being there." That's the main reason for our sexual function: We want to achieve that euphoric feeling of being in heaven. The other way is through good deeds.

Unfortunately humans are not perfect, so we strive to replace the feelings of pureness with substitutes. Revenge, greed, slavery, and egotism give your id a thrill, but the id is shallow. Sexual ecstasy based in love gets displaced with shallow fulfillment based in lust. We chase these sensationalistic thrills because it's easy; negative behavior is a short, easy path to shallow fulfillment.

Children are too easy to emulate negative behavior - especially from adults. Are adults taking the time to explain how to achieve true happiness to their children? This applies in particular to regular church goers:

Are you explaining to your children that true happiness is a long, narrow, sometimes difficult road of self discipline that leads to right brained, Christ-like qualities? Or are you exhibiting every negative, left brained behavior for your children to emulate in hopes that your minister will some how correct that behavior in one hour on sunday?

We can deny our faults as something outside of ourselves, but in truth, we can look back on our actions and find fault within ourselves. We can perpetuate negative qualities or positive qualities through our own behavior.

Here you see that I borrowed the emotion table from the depression page. When our beliefs and motives are based in love, we exhibit right brained or spiritual, Christ-like behaviors. When our beliefs are based in fear, we exhibit left brained or materialistic, negative behaviors. Please study this:

Left Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Fear
ideologies of left vs. right brain thinking in Christ Consciousness
Right Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Love

The right brained emotions are difficult for most people to comprehend; this is because most people are raised according to left brained thinking. The mainstream experts tend to focus their studies on human frailties which are more physical rather than human strengths which are more spiritual.

The "other" esoteric experts provide you with esoteric tools for self development. You can make the change to right brained thinking RIGHT NOW with these esoteric tools.

Evil is Shallow, Good is Deep

Since we lack pure happiness, we resort to substitutions like greed and revenge because these feelings, although shallow, give feelings of empowerment, but only on the surface; these shallow feelings of empowerment are exactly why there is so much greed and lust for power in the world: When we seek only to fulfill material desires, we are never fulfilled.

The problem takes shape in reality when people who live by this axiom have belief systems based in fear; they are constantly greedy and lustful to the detriment of the people around them. If you were raised with morals and ethics, then this shallow feeling of empowerment is accompanied by Guilt, Sorrow, and Remorse.

We feel bad about the people we hurt while acquiring power. We feel sorry about taking all the food and leaving nothing for the others. We feel guilty that we took revenge on an old friend because we felt betrayed. That is, if we were raised with Christian Morals and Ethics.

The example emotions in the above table are all human nature. Some might say human nature is the underlying cause of all that is wrong in this world. I'm an old school Christian: We all have equal potential for good and evil. The difference is all of us are here in this physical world to understand and defeat evil in this world; this begins with the evil within ourselves.

When we focus on all the good qualities, we draw upon the power of God and Christ into ourselves. The Light of God leaves no room for the dark behaviors caused by fear. The darkness might define us, like a shadow, but it's the light that truly fulfills us.

If you noticed, there are far more left brained negative emotions rather than right brained positive emotions. The left brain is more attached to physical reality while the right brain is more attached to spiritual reality.

This is because there are more left brained concepts provided by human word language; this indicates that we glorify negative left brained thinking too much in this world. This is where the trouble is: What do we celebrate? What grabs our attention? What is our favourite subject of gossip?

The Glory Of Christ Consciousness

Some may ask "What is in it for me to be Godly?" The answer is Pure Happiness and Bliss. No feeling in the world compares to the glow you display after you did a good deed. No substitute feeling can even come close to the joy and happiness of higher consciousness. There are no negative side effects of pure happiness and displaying this attitude makes you wake up each day wanting to live life and bask in the glory that surrounds us.

There is also the other side of the coin: Occult Authority. When you assume the Christ Personality, you have command over the spirits. This site is all about spiritualism, so I'm trusting that this concept is not too far out for you.

In our mundane human personae, we have little or occult authority. When we command a spirit in the name of John Smith, the spirit will laugh at us, if it's paying attention. But if we command it in the name of Michael, the angel of the fiery sword who cast Lucifer down into the bottomless pit, the spirit will obey.

Some (people) make the mistake of assuming that it is necessary only to voice the name of some powerful spiritual being in order to use the authority of that being. This was the error of the Jewish Exocists who went around driving spirits from the possessed in the names of Jesus and the Apostle Paul, until one day the demon in a man they were exorcising looked at them and said, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?" [Acts 19:15]

We can only imagine the expressions on the faces of those exorcists as they stared at each other an instant before the demon tore their clothes off and beat them to within an inch of their lives...

These exocists made the mistake of trying to use the name of Jesus without having assumed the God Form of Jesus. To effectively use the name of God, we must at the same time take on the Identity of God using the God Form.

If we fail to do this, the Name of God will lack authority; it remains merely a word to the spirit in question. When we call upon a Biblical Name of God, we do it to draw that particular quality of God into ourselves. When we draw an aspect of God into ourselves, we draw upon God's Authority.

Therefore, when we draw upon the qualities of the Christ Form, we draw Christ's Authority into ourselves. We absorb Christ's Authority over the spiritual realm. If we do it like the priests in The Exorcist, simply shouting the names, you might as well be a dog barking for the sake of barking.

Improving Your Self Being

Let's face the facts: Many people are not into exorcisms, but most people live in a dark hole and millions of people are searching for answers and happiness. Most people have to take on dark spirits everyday of their lives including the one inside themselves.

Most will never find the answers they seek as long as we live in a deluded world based in left brain, negative behavior, but the answer has always been right under our noses. Eternal bliss and happiness are created by trying to always do good. You heard the term "Soul Searching" and probably know many depressed people. They have yet to comprehend and understand that only pure happiness will bring total contentment.

This happiness begins by drawing upon the qualities of Christ, by dipping into the right brained, positive thinker in you. Your Christ Potential is there; you need only tap into it.

How To Tap In To Christ Consciousness

You can't force yourself to do good.. You have to want to do the right thing, and this requires reaching a mind frame that will eliminate the desire for shallow desires. The Unexplainable Store has a Binaural Beat that is specifically designed to assist in the process. The recording will help you reach a state of peace and allow your mind to rid itself of the negative by opening your potential for good and your beliefs based in love.

Will it help you drive out demons from the possessed? Not on it's own, no, but it's a good beginning - For You.

After listening, your mind will be a clean slate and ready to do good. The "Christ Consciousness" recording is a best seller and has amazing feedback. It is also one of my personal favorites. You will feel refreshed after use, and have the urge to go out and do good. I promise, good feelings will follow once you become harmonious with the good vibrations of the universe. Thanks for your time...

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

addendum: Power of Christ, Enhancing Life Performance

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