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"How Your Holy Life Heals Your World"

The following question was posed by, Stephen, an independent researcher:

"If the people at the group 'scientology' wanted to they could because they are large and defiant to our corrupt government. They have aggressive defence and offence protocols that are effective. Yet, they don't. Why?

"I think that there is power in numbers and if those numbers are loyal to one another to the very last then one has the power. Where in our present society will one find many of these? Our government grows incapable people from youth to adulthood and emphasizes individualization rather than group agendas. They know how to eliminate rebellion at its roots level. So, now what?"


Stephen has an interesting perspective on individuality and group agenda. Think about it:

  • Where are we taught more about individuality than any other arena?
  • More importantly, what form of individuality is emphasized more in our culture?
  • What do most people care about as a result of this emphasis?
  • What do most people believe in?
  • How many people believe that chronic disease can be healed or at least stopped?
  • How many people believe that no one on this planet has to suffer in sickness and economic depravity?
  • How many individual agendas on this planet add up to improving humanity as a group agenda?

I can only offer my personal opinion on the way individuality operates in most people. It goes back to the old saying, "You're special, just like everyone else." Most people are so worried about being unique and having their own style and establishing their own personality as an "individual" that they end up not caring much about anything else.

Most people end up caring more about their own personal fame, dogma, and philosophy, so they can fit into an ego driven culture. Although we have individual interests, we end up being more like each other because of all the trivial pursuit.

., therefore, an ego driven mentality negates true individuality.

I'm sorry if I have insulted any of my readers, but we must recognize that there is a problem before we can move forward in our lives.

The basic solution for humanity's problem is spirituality. Spirituality is at the core of humanity. We are all extensions of the one mind of God, who is Our Spiritual Reality.

Once we recognize our roots in spiritual reality we uncover our tremendous potential. We realize that individuality is gained through accomplishing worldly tasks for good rather than selfish interests. Think about it: People who are greedy or egotistical are mostly predictable. Unfortunately, this also applies to those who are living by rote.

This means that people who simply go through the motions of being morally and ethically good are also predictable. I speak of political leaders, corporate CEOs and other alleged "good samaritans" who make donations and grants and seem to bend over backwards for "the little guy," then announce to the world what great people they are for doing such great things - simply for the purposes of good public relations.

I'm not afraid to admit that I go against the grain of my religion (Catholicism). There is not one Catholic priest I have heard who has ever empowered the people through God's Word.

These days there is lots of music and singing on sunday and there are times when the priest will tell jokes, so it's less of a chore for the average family, but it's still a chore.

All we do is get dressed, fight traffic, say the prayers the same old way while we follow the same old litany. We stand up, sit, and kneel throughout the entire service. We wish each other peace and take communion once, but for most people, as I see them, it's nothing more than gesture and ritual - until next sunday when the whole process repeats again and again.

Going through the Motions vs. Being the Motion

What does the average family hope to accomplish at each sunday mass as opposed to the rest of the week? Why does the average family go to church? Do they want to return to the roots of their spirituality? Do they seek empowerment from God? What does the average family pray for? What does a group praying as individuals in search of trivial pursuit and selfish motives represent to God? It's good to be thankful. It's better to ask for guidance. It's best to recognize and follow His Guidance.

I hope that I have elucidated Stephen's questions by posing questions of my own. Individuality is not the problem; it's the way we are trained to be "individuals." It's the trivial pursuit of freedom which distills into an attitude as freedom from responsibility that is instilled into our personas. That is the problem. Most people are worried about having status symbols to impress the next guy. More people are willing to indulge in a vacation from humanity rather than the future of humanity.

There are activist groups that try to motivate the people on important issues such as conservation, but are those activist groups helping humanity become a truly advanced civilization or do they all have their own agenda?

All we have to remember is that respecting God's Creation goes hand in hand with respecting His Word. The real measuring stick of a self proclaimed "Man of God" is the respect he shows for God's Creation. Also remember that Satan acknowledges God, especially where he takes away hope, yet he will never actually quote His Word such as the "religious" pandering of politicians...

Synchronicity is a Sign

Stephen told me further about his spiritual journey. I believe his compares to most of ours and it poses the most important question:

"You know Randolph, I went to church for years and years, twice a week, and I feel from my faith. I did this because my scientific head got in the way. I looked at all the suffering in the death camps in Nazi Germany where so many had been tortured and then killed in gruesome ways. This unquestionably was the turning point in my faith. "Ask and ye shall receive" and "knock and the door shall open". When I went out to bars to have something to do, I'd get drunk and cry thinking of these poor lost souls and all their children that met the same fate. I eventually came to the conclusion that if God could allow this and never answer that door, never give what was asked of him without greed but just to save their lives that God therefore must be non existent. I then became an unwilling believer of atheism and it was a dark period of fearing death in my life. Then one day, as my family and I were moving, I grew tired and sat down for a break. I looked over at a table and saw this book that I never even knew I owned. My wife still doesn't know who it belongs to. The title of this book is "The Light Beyond" written by Raymond Moody who used to be a doctor but gave up medicine to travel the world to investigate peoples stories that had died and been medically brought back. In the time they were dead, all of them had the same exact experience. So this was, by testimonial, scientific fact that there was in fact a life after this one. I simply couldn't believe my eyes. I then read some of his other books and now I really do believe in God. Maybe he somehow knew that I was fortified in my soul and that maybe I was worth that extra proof.

"It saddens me to look out into our society now days and see all the degradation everywhere. No one will help the guy to his left because it would be looked upon as weak or something, i don't know. I think that the amount of hostility in life is overwhelmingly present and I just hate this world sometimes.

"Oh well, I guess that as time passes it will pull along with it the goods and bad's and maybe the future will be better."


I believe that we can all compare our story to Stephen's. Synchronicity is important proof of God's Presence. Just as Stephen suddenly found this book out of "no where" during his time of doubt we have all experienced that perfect "coincidence" that makes us wonder and restores our faith. This has probably happened to you or else you wouldn't be here reading this.

Returning to spirituality is more than simply recognizing and acknowledging God's Presence. Spirituality, by its very essence, must be more than simply following religious ritual. I'm probably going to rub a lot of people the wrong way as I usually do. My philosophies and beliefs go against the grain of culture in general anyway, so here goes...

When God created physical reality it was put on automatic - like artificial intelligence in a computer program. Instead, our universe contains real, autonomous intelligence or "thought-forms."

Physical reality is the universe as we know it where certain laws of physics have been set. These laws of physics completely allow anomalies such as doorways to hyperspace and parallel universes, so the laws of science are not being broken. The science provided by academia's ordinary relativistic theory only tells half the story.

Experiments in soliton fields where thought projections along a 435 megahertz carrier have demonstrated physical manifestation from pure thought. The data from esoteric experiments of this nature such as Project Rainbow is carefully sequestered from the public eye.

Only now are experiments revealed in building quantum computers which involves manipulation of matter at the quantum level (quantum entanglement) or "rebuilding" reality on a highly localized level. Physical manifestation from pure thought and energy also works through quantum entanglement, yet offers proof of humanity's source of creation: God - and the implications of our spiritual roots.

Therefore, this information is hidden and labeled as "snake oil" to keep the people in the dark. Most people do not realize that there are "thought-forms" constantly swirling about and pervading every aspect of our lives, each fulfilling their own individual function. We need only glimpse at para-normal events for examples of thought-forms changing reality as we know it.

To Understand Nature is to UnderStand God

Anomolous, out of the ordinary events ALWAYS happen such as the Tunguska event, the Roswell crash, or a town in Virginia where 100's of people were gripped by the same mysterious occurences only for the military/industrial complex to rush in and cover any tracks through dis-information.

Thousands of years ago anomalous events such as faith healings and paranormal happenings were "signs from God." Today, we turn our noses up and call it "snake oil" or figments of our imagination like so many ghostly tales while these events are probably doors opening from hyperspace and different realities - a scientific explanation of God's Power!

Of course, there are charlatans out there making a quick buck from their "psychic" abilities by feeding off compulsive, obsessive minds. Anyone can tell when you have a charlatan if he is more interested in telling you about your "lost love" or "dead relative" rather than bringing us closer to understanding the universe - or predicting any devastating tragedies.

We get hyperbole from politicians which is meant to rally an ego-driven culture under the vail of patriotism. Meanwhile, a public so obfuscated by ego-driven commercialism and politicizing chooses whatever "truth" is convenient for them. Such a people might be able to discern truth from lies, but they care more about protecting their emotional securities than the truth.

Once esteemed scientists such as Royal Rife who were praised in their day are now labeled as "charlatans" because they decided to go against the grain of popular thought, yet how does science fit within "popular thought." How many truly objective minds are there in opposition to those who want to protect their emotional securities? That is, how many of us truly want to understand our universe as opposed to those who want to protect their emotional securities?

God likes it when we try to understand the universe. For that purpose, God gave us science. Science is like the wings on a bird. We fly as far and fast as we can in whatever direction we need with science. When we understand nature through science we understand God; it's the same as having respect for His Creation.

Of course, there are people who torture animals and humans alike or destroy, despoil, and desolate nature "in the name of science and humanity." To me, life negative activities are about greed, power, and ego. Destroying lives to save lives is illogical no matter how "great" a life negative person claims it to be.

When we build technology that works with nature rather then against it then we are truly showing respect for God's Creation. When we respect life on this planet then we are truly showing respect for His Creation.

Working against nature means despoiling, mutating, polluting, and killing life on this planet. If a person is raised in an environment devoid of spirituality, then such life-negative behavior can be the only conclusion. See how much the politicians and life-negative industries ignore God's Law at the Animal Love page.)

Keep in mind that physical reality is a simple extension of the Mind of God, but it's still an extension that is worthy of every bit of respect and love that it commands. By demonstrating respect in physical reality we demonstrate our potential for spiritual reality - which is the REAL reality.

Since there is so much more to God than physical reality God also provides lessons which many ancient cultures have written down in the form of the Tao te Ching, Sanskrit texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Talmud, Sefer Yetzirah, and, of course, the Holy Bible. With so much holy scripture around it's obvious that a lot of people receive God's Word. In fact, everyone, everywhere, every day, through-out human history receives God's Word in one form or another (even though we deny each other).

Enlightenment through meticulous meditation is one way to receive God's Word. Transcendental meditation is one of those methods. Most of us don't have the kind of time or discipline it takes to devote to such a practice. But we are still receiving messages from God in our dreams and in physical reality.

Imagine what the world was like thousands of years ago. There was no electro-magnetic pollution clouding our senses. There was no ego-driven media circus drowning and obfuscating our minds with useless information. There was simple focused activity. Two of those activities among the spiritually devout was meditation and prayer. There was no drowning, clouding, or obfuscation of the human spirit before industrial society, so devout Christians like King James and his courtiers could easily grind out their version of holy scripture as the most accepted version of the Bible.

Stewart Swerdlow said it best in his book, "The Healer's Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace ," that messages from God come to us in the form of symbols. It's up to us to recognize and interpret them. In our dreams they come to us in the form of hyperspace symbols which are usually embellished by our imaginations. I remember one dream where a brass band was playing music underneath a large gazebo. Suddenly, the entire dream coalesced into three images: a triangle, a circle, and a square. The symbols also occur according to the shapes we see in our dreams. These symbols vary from simple to complex and reveal themselves in a cohesive pattern.

Hyperspace symbols form sentences or messages. We usually receive symbols in the form of shapes, numbers, and colors. The embellishments represent different aspects of the lower, more substantial mind-patterns where main stream psychologists tend to focus. Unfortunately, main stream psychology tends to disregard any spiritual aspects of humanity.

As a result another science devoid of spirituality is impotent in the face of violence and anti-social behavior. Our soul-personality is a direct connection to the spiritual world, so we always receive whatever information is needed. Science which denies the existence of spirituality denies the answers to our personal problems.

By the same token we also receive messages from God in the form of lessons in physical reality. We draw these lessons into our lives according to our mind patterns in the form of people and events. How does that work?

There are some quantum physicists who compare any particular person to a space/time-mass/energy signature. Every point in the space-time continuum vibrates at its own frequency to form a collective harmonic wave with other points in space-time.

Each person is "like" a radio in that we tune into these waves according to the focus of our mind patterns to bring them in. Of Course, the workings of the universe are a little more interesting than "tuning."

Imagine this physical reality as an infinitely huge "tapestry" parallel to an infinite number of other "tapestries." Each thread in the fabric of this "tapestry" contains a set of frequencies. The adjoining threads are part of the same design, so you could say that each thread has harmonic frequencies in relation to every adjoining thread. As you can imagine - the more complicated the "stitch" - the more complicated the harmonics. Unlike a static "tapestry," physical reality is fluidic and vibrating with energy of all sorts. Instead of water in a constantly waving ocean, imagine a "tapestry." This "tapestry" is the space-time continuum of physical reality.

When a soul-personality enters physical reality it makes an "indentation" in the "tapestry." This "indentation" in the tapestry forms and shapes itself according to the growth of the soul personality and the surrounding elements of culture. Like throwing a pebble into water a soul-personality also forms "ripples" in physical reality.

"Ripples" can be far reaching enough to create a memory in the fabric of physical space-time long after the soul-personality is gone because they have resonated with many threads in physical reality.

By the same token, a mind pattern can be shaped by these "ripples." The soul-personality remains intact as the first guide for the mind-pattern, but can be buried deeply by outside, presiding mind-patterns which stress culture.

A well focused mind-pattern seeks that part of physical reality which reflects it. Reality "resonates" in tune with the mind-pattern which reflects it. That part of the "tapestry" where the soul-personality resides takes on a fine "stitch" because of the intricacies of the harmonics involved with that particular mind-pattern.

More mind-patterns with the same harmonics will create an even finer "stitch" in that niche of reality while making an even bigger design because the threads of reality love to shape themselves around the love and creative works of resonant mind patterns in the form of synchronicity.

Threads of reality have feelings, but not in the "human" sense of the word; it's more than an animist concept. Remember, all of creation is an extension of God, therefore, physical reality has feelings in that it responds to actions according to certain rules; holy scripture serves as guidelines to the way reality shapes itself. Physical reality will shape itself into lessons depending on the needs of the soul-personality. Here is one example from King James version of the Bible:

"For verily I say unto you,
That whosoever shall say unto this mountain,
Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea;
and shall not doubt in his heart,
but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass;
he shall have whatsoever he saith." [Mark 11:23]

The "mountain" represents the pillar of heaven or a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. In science, this can be likened to hyperspace. In hyperspace, the laws of physical reality can be changed by pure thought and can create any object from pure energy.

Although we are "cast into sea" of physical reality we should remember our spiritual roots. One way is our ability to manifest our world through the spoken word. The concept is kabbalistic in nature, but applies to everyone. We are what We say we are. We become what We say we become. The world is what We say it is: "That's Life, That's the Way It Is." Remember?

Mark 11:23 empowers our ability to manifest our desires in the physical world through the spoken word. Focused mind-patterns can leave imprints in the space-time continuum like a "ghost" that's been programmed to complete a task. These ghosts can best be referred to as thought-forms since they are autonomous extensions from the Mind of God.

Mark 11:23 is a thought-form; it's one of the commanding scriptures that has been permanently sewn into the fabric of reality. These permanent thought-forms left by God operate independently. They help to anchor our lives to spiritual reality. Thought-forms do not discern between lamentation and prayer, so when we lament we are just as capable of bringing evil as well as good into our lives.

The holy scripture thought-forms work as a cohesive system. We can't take one passage out of context and say that this is absolutely how reality works. Together they form the strongest spiritual matrix, so we must consider how they work together. I'll take the next passage for example:

"Therefore I say unto you,
what things soever ye desire,
when ye pray,
believe that ye receive them,
and ye shall have them" [Mark 11:24]

We must consider what desires lay in the hearts of most people because this is what manifests in the physical world. These thought-forms also work on an individual level, but they also must heed the mind-patterns of the presiding attitude, namely, of the people as a whole.

Unfortunately, the presiding attitude is amorphous, without true shape or "vision." That is because most people have their own agenda; this is how they are raised by decadent culture. Unfortunately, most people are not thinking of the future generations of the human race. Most people have put their trust and faith in their "leaders" and "experts" to do that for them.

To Respect Nature is to Respect God

Since the presiding attitude is submissive, we submit to our "leaders" and "experts" just as we submit to events like 9-11-01 and their attached causalities. The lesson is clear only to the perpetrators: Disinformation creates ignorance. Ignorance breeds life-negative behavior. Life-negative attitudes institute abuse of all sorts. Abusers and their victims become violent or withdrawn. Violence resonates fear. Fear resonates with hatred. Hatred resonates with vengeance which resonates with ignorance which resonates dis-information and more life-negative behavior.

The saying goes that ignorance of evil is worse than evil itself. The bad guys know this. In fact, the bad guys know everything I'm telling you here. In a way, the bad guys are more in touch with spirituality than the average person because they know how these things work. The last thing the bad guys want is for the average person to know this.

God does not allow the horror and terror we bring into our lives. We allow it. God has given us the power to supercede anything through His Word by way of Our Action and Our Attitude. Few of us choose to recognize that.

Why does God allow evil in the world? Terrorism and murder are horrible lessons to be sure, but they are still lessons. We attract these lessons into our lives through our mind-patterns guided by holy scripture. So, you see, God's Word is a blessing for the people who are with God and a curse for the ones against God.

When we're wrong we attract lessons into our lives, SO WE CAN CORRECT THE PROBLEM no matter how terrible the lessons may be. For Example, a reputedly "calm" person drives dangerously on the road or a helpless woman walks through a crime ridden neighborhood alone because they are so desperately dissatisfied with life; they want to attract that change even if that change involves terrible consequences.

By the same token an entire people can also be driven to irrational behavior; when the living conditions are desperately miserable enough, when their perceptions are twisted by the darkness of propaganda, economic depravity, and fear they even allow their "leaders" to plunge them into bloody war. The people are looking for some type of change no matter what the consequences and put blind faith in their "leaders" to make change for the better instead of trying to solve their own problems as a God-Loving country; the people become the soil of fascism.

There is another way of changing an unsatisfying life: Intercession.

Consider the power of opening a spiritual doorway during times of trouble. Recall Dion Fortune's "Society of Inner Light" during WWII that had the threefold purpose of protecting Great Britain, blocking and destroying the evil which had taken over Germany, and laying the foundations for a better and more just world after the war.

We must wonder about the still unresolved mystery of Hitler's fanatical deputy, Rudolph Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941 bearing a peace offer.

There are strong indications that far more forces were at work rather than a guilty conscience. The "Society of Inner Light" was a group effort which opened spiritual channels to intercede where there was once evil intention. Spiritual intercession replaces life negative habits by opening a door to greater possibilities, but remember: Good is kept for the Good Ones. If you are ego-driven, then you have chosen a different path.

Those of you familiar with the Dead Sea Scrolls probably know what I am building up to: The Isaiah Effect:

The Isaiah EffectIn Jerusalem, within the Shrine of the Book Museum, resides the Great Isaiah Scroll - the most precious artifact of the famed Dead Sea Scrolls. So valuable is this scripture that extraordinary measures have been taken to safeguard it against any natural disaster or act of war. Why is this single document, lost to humanity for more than 2,000 years, so crucial to modern scholars and mystics today?

On The Isaiah Effect, bestselling author Gregg Braden takes us on an investigation into this ancient Essene scripture - to reveal a set of inner tools capable of altering the destiny of human civilization. "

Prayer and prophecy have the power to heal our bodies and spirits ... shift the course of nations ... and even influence the ebbs and flows of weather and geology," teaches Braden. Yet today, few of us know how to harness the awesome potential of these two spiritual technologies.

Now, drawing on new insights into the physics of time and prophecy, Gregg Braden shows us how to decode the true meaning of the Great Isaiah Scroll and other prophetic scriptures - how prayer can change the outcome of those predictions - and how these two spiritual practices, together, create The Isaiah Effect.

God gave us everything. Everything includes free will. We have amazing power to choose our destiny AS A PEOPLE as commanded by Our Lord on the Great Isaiah Scroll - not by megalomaniacs in political office nor by fatalistic, life-negative scientific cretinism that takes life away from God's People.

God empowered us to change our lives and rule our own destinies. Using thought-forms in line with God's Will recovers our spirituality. When our will is completely in line with God's no more lessons will be necessary. Until then, until we heed Our Lord's Commands, humanity as a whole suffers as long as we, willingly, remain in the dark.

Here is one example of our God-Given abilities in the following extract from the New York Times:

The Monk in the Lab By TENZIN GYATSO


These are times when destructive emotions like anger, fear and hatred are giving rise to devastating problems throughout the world. While the daily news offers grim reminders of the destructive power of such emotions, the question we must ask is this: What can we do, person by person, to overcome them?

Of course such disturbing emotions have always been part of the human condition. Some � those who tend to believe nothing will "cure" our impulses to hate or oppress one another � might say that this is simply the price of being human. But this view can create apathy in the face of destructive emotions, leading us to conclude that destructiveness is beyond our control.

I believe that there are practical ways for us as individuals to curb our dangerous impulses � impulses that collectively can lead to war and mass violence. As evidence I have not only my spiritual practice and the understanding of human existence based on Buddhist teachings, but now also the work of scientists.

For the last 15 years I have engaged in a series of conversations with Western scientists. We have exchanged views on topics ranging from quantum physics and cosmology to compassion and destructive emotions. I have found that while scientific findings offer a deeper understanding of such fields as cosmology, it seems that Buddhist explanations � particularly in the cognitive, biological and brain sciences � can sometimes give Western-trained scientists a new way to look at their own fields.

It may seem odd that a religious leader is so involved with science, but Buddhist teachings stress the importance of understanding reality, and so we should pay attention to what scientists have learned about our world through experimentation and measurement.

Similarly, Buddhists have a 2,500-year history of investigating the workings of the mind. Over the millenniums, many practitioners have carried out what we might call "experiments" in how to overcome our tendencies toward destructive emotions.

I have been encouraging scientists to examine advanced Tibetan spiritual practitioners, to see what benefits these practices might have for others, outside the religious context. The goal here is to increase our understanding of the world of the mind, of consciousness, and of our emotions.

It is for this reason that I visited the neuro-science laboratory of Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin. Using imaging devices that show what occurs in the brain during meditation, Dr. Davidson has been able to study the effects of Buddhist practices for cultivating compassion, equanimity or mindfulness. For centuries Buddhists have believed that pursuing such practices seems to make people calmer, happier and more loving. At the same time they are less and less prone to destructive emotions.

According to Dr. Davidson, there is now science to underscore this belief. Dr. Davidson tells me that the emergence of positive emotions may be due to this: Mindfulness meditation strengthens the neurological circuits that calm a part of the brain that acts as a trigger for fear and anger. This raises the possibility that we have a way to create a kind of buffer between the brain's violent impulses and our actions.

Experiments have already been carried out that show some practitioners can achieve a state of inner peace, even when facing extremely disturbing circumstances. Dr. Paul Ekman of the University of California at San Francisco told me that jarring noises (one as loud as a gunshot) failed to startle the Buddhist monk he was testing. Dr. Ekman said he had never seen anyone stay so calm in the presence of such a disturbance.

Another monk, the abbot of one of our monasteries in India, was tested by Dr. Davidson using electroencephalographs to measure brain waves. According to Dr. Davidson, the abbot had the highest amount of activity in the brain centers associated with positive emotions that had ever been measured by his laboratory.

Of course, the benefits of these practices are not just for monks who spend months at a time in meditation retreat. Dr. Davidson told me about his research with people working in highly stressful jobs. These people � non-Buddhists � were taught mindfulness, a state of alertness in which the mind does not get caught up in thoughts or sensations, but lets them come and go, much like watching a river flow by. After eight weeks, Dr. Davidson found that in these people, the parts of their brains that help to form positive emotions became increasingly active... {The article forgot to cite the Maharishi Effect which has been known for years as the life-positive results of mass meditation on humanity.)

Humanity is more than just that special variation of nature become aware of itself. Like everything else in the universe WE are extensions of God. Our minds are extensions of God. We are all individual parts of the One Mind of God.

Humanity is a thought-form manifest in the physical world from different aspects of the One Mind which are manifested as soul-personalities. That's us: Soul-Personalities. We are not empty, spiritually devoid husks of flesh. The sum of ourselves is greater than the individual parts. The sum of one person is a soul-personality.

This principle also applies to people: WE AS A PEOPLE are manifest in the "image" of God - not just individuals. All of us AS A PEOPLE are cast in the image of God because we are born into this world with free will AS A PEOPLE, a collective consciousness or World-Spirit. We as a World-Spirit are allowed to understand and exercise our God-Given Power.

Thoughts and ideas are indestructible, be they good or evil. No prayer is said in vain, no information is lost, no cause is without an effect. A thought taking root in the subconsciousness of a mass of people, sets off a mass response. Numerous religions in their gospel as well as PR and advertising firms in their ads successfully exploit the subliminal technique of influencing the collective subconscious. The following scriptures exemplify these facts:

"For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad" [Mark 4:22] "As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, So He Is" [Proverbs 27:19]

God has given us the power to shape ourselves from our own hearts and minds. More importantly we have been given the power AS A PEOPLE - not people following politicians and fatalists but AS A PEOPLE to manifest an advanced, prolific world; the world mind-pattern is the final guide here - which is, unfortunately, amorphous at the moment.

What really matters is how we allow our mind-patterns to be shaped: By altruism or egotism. When we recognize that we are all of the One Mind, the One Creator, our hearts will open to the greater possibilities for Humanity: Altruism towards a life-positive reality is the beginning. Our lives will blossom beyond imagination; it goes back to what Stephen said at the beginning of this: "I think that there is power in numbers and if those numbers are loyal to one another to the very last then one has the power..." Until then...

The World-Spirit symbol you see all over my site is a symbol for spiritual alchemy. This symbol also represents the Armor of God. There are important facets to this symbol, but please notice that the 'head' is represented by the symbol for infinity to remind us that we are part of the infinite One Mind of God. When you see it at my site take it. It will protect you and your loved ones.

Let's pray as a group for the enlightenment of Humanity.

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